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Big savings on ink cartridges toners and a4 printer labels, 100% money back guarantee

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Hi Andrew, I am not on face book but I am completely satisfied with my order and i will not hesitate to recommend you to others I shall also order again when I Require more labels. Regards Jacqueline

Purchased a few of these printer for the office mainly to print out invoices, as they were so cheap to buy we did not expect such a great print quality however soon realised the toner cartridges that came with the printers were starter cartridges that only lasted approx 500 pages. As we looked to replace them we had made the decision to go for the hi-yield toner cartridges but the manufactures ones were going to bankrupt us as they were over 300 for a full set. Then we goggled upon these and having tried them can say they work exactly the same as the Minolta starter cartridges did. We are back in business printing out loads of invoices and the quality of print is the same, glad we found this site, we now have it bookmarked under favorites.

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Toner and Drum Cartridges


Toner and Drum Cartridges

Toner and Drum Cartridges

Toner and drum cartridges – Discount trade price Toner Cartridges UK's No1 on-line discount laser printer toner cartridge store.

•     Cost – Original remanufactured printer cartridge are between 30% - 70% cheaper than the comparable branded product depending on type. remanufactured toner cartridges they are cheaper, because much of the original casings as possible are re-used. In the present economic environment controlling and reducing costs is essential. remanufactured printer cartridges enable this. cheap toner cartridge offer a money saving alternative to a costly new original laser cartridge.
•     Quality – Lower cost does not mean lower quality. Cheap toner cartridges, remanufacturers have to produce high quality products to compete with the originals. Cartridges from UKCRA members are produced to high standards and subject to quality control testing.
•     Environment – A remanufactured printer cartridge helps you to protect the environment. It reduces the amount of non-biodegradable plastics and metals being buried in landfill and reduces the carbon footprint of your company. It also reduces the amount of energy required to crush or heat recycle the old cartridges. Using remanufactured cartridges also helps your business with responsible disposal of this invaluable source of raw material for your chosen remanufacturer.
•      Printer warranties – remanufactured cartridge DOES NOT affect your printer warranty all printer manufacturers state this on their web sites or in the printer documentation.


Technology has been evolving with time. With its advancement, new and improved gadgets have been created for the people to assist them in their daily work. One of these great inventions is the printer. Previously, individuals used huge printing machines to print even the smallest label. Now, printers have been modified, both in their performance and size. Today, different types of printers have been invented; the most common in use are inkjets and laser printers. These printers have toner cartridges and drum units built-in them, which perform the printing tasks. For the ease of individuals, there is a considerable range of toner cartridges and drum units available in the market.

Basically, the drum unit cartridge gets electronically charged and captures the display image that needs to be printed on the paper, The toner cartridge deposits the toner for the image before the fuser unit to very high temperature seals the final layout on the paper. Many individuals confuse themselves between the drum and the toner cartridges. Drum cartridge in a laser printer is actually the revolving drum, which is designed to transfer the toner on to the paper. The drum cartridge is electrically charged, which attracts the toner towards itself and then the toner presses itself upon the paper to print the image. The drum is generally used in black and white or non color copy machines and laser printers. It is also used in fax and is known as the photo receptor drum unit. The drum functions in a way that the toner is released to the drum in order to print the document or to make copies of it. These cartridges are used quite often, which is why there is a considerable range of toner cartridges and drum units available in the market.

Thus, laser printers and copying machines are very high in demand nowadays because they provide quality prints and are also very cost efficient. Individual only needs to purchase the printer, and these cartridges can be replaced by purchasing a high quality originally recycled tonersexpress product at a fraction of the price of an OEM one.  This is why the market provides a considerable range of toner cartridges and drums units.

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