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Colour Sandwich Labels

Colour Sandwich Labels and What to Print on Them

In the UK, we love our sandwiches, whether we’re buying supermarket products or tasty creations from independent suppliers. As with most of our food, we also want to get more information about what we’re buying. For some vendors and manufacturers, this presents a problem, particularly finding coloured sandwich labels that customers can easily identify.

The good news is it’s easy to buy colour printer labels and there are plenty of outlets you can get good quality products from. It makes sense to look out for certain qualities, however. For instance, assuming your sandwiches are going to be kept in a cool place, you want labels that have good adhesion, which means they’re not going to peel off when you put them in the fridge. Then you have to consider the size. You don’t want a label that is either too small or too large for your packaging.

Next you have to think about what you are going to print on your labels. You can have different colours, of course, for different products. There are plenty of bright coloured sandwich catering labels that can make your packaging more attractive. Do you want to include printed information about the nutrient content or perhaps warn people that this or that pack contains ingredients which could cause an allergic reaction in some people?

The key with sandwich labels is to make sure that you include the right information but don’t put in too much so that it looks cluttered. You might, for instance, just want to put in the name of the sandwich and the basic ingredients, the price and a little information about the calories and how much salt there is likely to be.

If you are producing sandwiches for retail, are a wholesaler or manufacturer, you need to abide by the EU rules that came out in 2014. These govern what you must include depending on what your business is. There is a list of about 14 allergens that can be found in food and you need to highlight these if your sandwich contains them – that includes common ones such as nuts and milk but also fish, soya and mustard.

Much depends on how the sandwiches are being sold as to what you legally need to include on the colour printer labels. For instance, if you are making your own pre-packed sandwiches for sale from a van or truck you have to include the name of the sandwich and whether it contains certain additives. If you are selling sandwiches in your bar or restaurant you don’t have the same restrictions but you must ensure that the labelling is accurate. Any other pre-packed sandwiches such as you get in the supermarket or shops have to include basic information including the expiry date, the name and address of the manufacturer and other information.

Finding the right sandwich label stickers that you can print information on has never been easier. At Toners Express we have a wide range of brightly coloured A4 Labels and smaller sizes they can be used for any kind of food packaging.

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Article Posted: 25/03/2017 01:00:01

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