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Greentech v Avery Branded Labels

Greentech and Avery are both professional organisations who specialise in branded printer labels. They have been serving the commercial and retail  printing marketplace for a number of years and are committed in giving the consumer the best products.

Both businesses are involved in plain and printed self adhesive labels for a whole host of different applications and there continued strive for quality is second to none especially when it comes to certain aspects involving the printing industry.

What are the main differences between Greentech and Avery Printer Labels?

They are both highly thought of in the printing business, but there's one crucial part that separates these two businesses – cost. Greentech are a less expensive alternative to Avery labels, as all of their materials are produced from their impressive factory unit and ordered directly from them online, which in turns drive downs the consumer cost. Most of the Avery product range is sold through a variety of online office and printer retails stockists and this adds another mark up to the overall costs which has to be passed on to the customer.

These two companies both have an excellent reputation in their particular field of business, but we live in a world now where price is key and that's was sets Greentech apart from Avery and other businesses within the printer labels niche. They are able to pass the saving on each time to their customers due to their direct ordering facility, cutting out all of the unwanted middle man costs.

Greentech have always had one eye on the environment and have a healthy recycling arm to their printing business, so they are very careful about how a product is created and how they source their materials. The business as their name suggests, have always set out to be green and recognise the continued need in producing items using natural resources and recycling used products reducing waste and harmful carbon emissions.           

Article Posted: 26/07/2012 01:00:01

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