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The History of Brother as a manufacture of Printers


Brother HL-2040 printer is manufactured by Brother Industries, Ltd. and was established as Yasui Sewing Machine Co. in 1908 by Kanekichi Yasui, the father of the founder brothers of Brother Industries, Ltd. With the help of technology developed for the manufacture of sewing machines, Brother Industries started diversifying their product portfolio into other business fields and began the production of knitting machines, home electric appliances, and also started experimenting with electronics.

The experimentation efforts in electronics led Brother to successfully develop the world’s first fast- speed dot-matrix printer in 1971. This was considered as one of the greatest achievement as well as a path breaking event in the origin of the printing technology as we see it today. This dot matrix printer touted for its high speed printing was developed as a joint venture with a U.S. company and earned immense reputation not just in Japan but the world over for the remarkable high speed of printing when compared to contemporary printing machines of that particular time.

During the 1980s, Brother developed an exclusive “Labelling system" product that used thermal transfer technologies for manufacturing electronic personal printers as well as Japanese word processors. This gave birth to a wide range of digital printers from Brother. Brother started manufacturing facsimile machines adding further to the company’s portfolio thereby strengthening its position in the field of information and communication equipments.

In the 1990’s Brother propelled into the next era of real Network and Contents by developing a high performing multi-fax machine that served the purpose of not just fax but was also a printer and copier. This machine was priced competitively with target on the small business companies that would require not so expensive office equipment with multiple functionalities. The Laser Digital Multi-Function Centre that integrated the functions of printing, faxing, and copying in one single machine unit was introduced in 1995. It was with the introduction of this integrated machine, the growth of Brother’s printing business accelerated by leaps and bounds. The company thereafter also introduced its Colour Inkjet Digital Multi-Function Centre.

The product innovations from Brother from time to time has led the company to expand its business in the field of information and communication equipments in Exponential manner. Further it is the results of these innovations that have resulted in a wide range of printer solutions from Brother as it stand today.


 Brother HL-2040 printer


The HL-2040 printer from Brother is designed for use at home or in a small home-office set up, as it is affordable, high printing quality laser printer. Compatible with both Windows and Mac, this printer with its compact design just fits in any workspace.  It has the ability to produce high quality and consistent monochrome prints that can easily meet the basic requirements of home and small office needs. HL-2040 may not have all the required features for big printing jobs but the 2400x600 dpi resolution and printing frequency of twenty pages in a minute make it a good printer at reasonably low price.  The printer produces high quality black and white reports, letters, spreadsheets that have professional look. The main features of Hl -2040 printer include:

High printing speed that can print up to twenty pages in a minute and therefore suitable for quickly producing reports, letters as well as spreadsheets.

  • Compact design of HL-2040 makes it virtually fit anywhere thereby maximizing the desk or and shelf space.
  • High quality print output with a resolution up to 2400x600dpi makes this printer deliver very crisp and clear text with equally good graphics.
  • Paper capacity of up to two hundred and fifty sheets in the input tray is quite generous and the single sheet manually feed slot allows one to print letter, legal size pages and the envelopes.
  • HL-2040 offers easy connectivity to USB and similar such interfaces and with 8 MB memory one can rapidly get their print jobs done.
  • Carries energy star symbol on it, which means it is energy complaint and saves on energy consumption thereby helping preserve the environment.

It is highly recommended to use Brother Toner cartridges and drums for best quality prints. The toner cartridges and drums that are compatible with HL-2040 include TN-350 and TN-2000 toner and DN-350 and DN-2000. The use of Brother’s toner TN-2000 will give one good quality printing with the overall capacity of twenty-five hundred pages with 5% coverage. Brother Drum cartridge DR 2000 unit that works independent of toner is good way to cost effective printing as it can print up to twelve thousand pages with 5% coverage.

The Brother Toner cartridge TN 2000 and drum unit DR 2000 are an integral part of the HL-2040 laser printer. It is recommended to change the cartridges at regular interval for getting good quality prints. Since both the toner cartridge and the drum unit works independently of each other it gives a good option to change one at a time while so that the printing job continues even if one of them is finished.

The laser printer flashes LED light when either the toner cartridge or the drum unit is at the verge of ending, will alert the user. Another advantage of using these genuine Brother toner and drum cartridges is that one can get them remanufactured at competitive prices. These remanufactured toner cartridge and drum units fit in well within the printer and give good quality printing results. This also helps the environment by recycling.

In conclusion, the Brother HL 2040 printer is a monochrome printer for high-quality as well as high resolution print. Designed primarily for personalized use as a printer, it can also meet the demand of small office set up due to its fast page per minute output and its ability to handle up to two hundred and fifty sheets of paper in the feeding tray at a given point of time. The toner and drum working together, makes this an ideal working environment, especially a small home office.  Visit Toners Express for all Brother printer and cartridge needs.

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Article Posted: 28/03/2011 01:00:01

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