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The History of Canon as a manufacture of Printers and Copiers

The Canon FC 100 Copier and its History

The Canon FC100 copier is one such convenient and easy-to-use machine specifically meant to cater to personal use as well as for the use of small offices. The high quality copies from this machine are the result of the unique concept of All-in-One cartridge from Canon.


Canon, a renowned brand in the field of imaging and printing was established in 1933 in a small laboratory as Precision Optical Instruments Laboratory. This laboratory was dedicated to manufacturing premium-quality cameras and was started in a simple room of an apartment of Roppongi area in Tokyo. This was the period when all the best quality cameras came from Europe and that too mostly from Germany. But in this small apartment room of Tokyo started the big dream of manufacturing high quality cameras from Japan and marked the beginning of what we now know as Canon today. The first prototype developed by this laboratory in 1934 was given the name of Kwanon, based on a Buddhist goddess for mercy. In the following year came the first ever 35 mm camera from Japan named Hansa Canon and the brand name Canon.  


Canon did not limit itself to cameras and started diversifying its portfolio in 1941 and along with other products launched an indirect X-ray machine that was the Japan’s first. However it was not until 1960’s that the company truly started diversification by adding physical, chemical, and most importantly electrical technologies to already established technologies of optical and precision. Then a series of office machines were introduced in 1964 starting with world’s first electronic calculator having ten keys. In 1969, the Canon management gave the slogan "cameras in the right hand, business machines in the left." In 1969 the name of the company changed to Canon Inc. from Canon Camera Co., Inc. With this landmark change, Canon also took the challenge of developing the first ever plain paper copier from Japan and introduced the same to the world in just one year in 1970.

THE PERIOD OF 1970-1990

During this period Canon brought out a series of new products that transformed the copying and printing world. These never before seen products included a personal copier that was based on the unique all-in-one cartridge system, a semiconductor based laser printer, and the Bubble Jet printer.

It was in the middle of 1970s that Canon first recognized the actual potential of inkjet technology and worked towards its development. There was fierce competition among a number of printer manufacturing companies including Canon on developing advanced technology of inkjet printing that use piezoelectric elements. The result was a single colour desktop printer with a calculator in 1981 using piezoelectric elements. Canon did not stop there and continued to chase much more advanced technology for inkjet printing that was based on new principles and far ahead of the printing technology that used piezoelectric elements. Next in the series of printing and copying technology development was revolutionary nozzles created by light.

After 1988, Canon embarked on another important mission of promoting activities that were highly progressive as well as environmentally sound such recycling of toner cartridges and developing global sites for these activities.


Canon’s technology not only evolved for products but also for product accessories. In its quest for the best and beautiful quality of printing it simultaneously worked on the ink technology.  Moving hand in hand with the inkjet printer technology, it was important to develop inks that would cater to the diverse needs of these printers. Canon worked to fulfil the requirements of high quality, clog free and environmentally safe inks by developing a wide range of inks from dye-based inks that offered better quality colour reproduction as well as glossiness to pigment-based inks that were characterized by their exceptional longevity.

Dye-based inks from Canon were introduced in 2005 along with ChromaLife100 system that was popularized as one to support the ever-lasting beauty of photographs. Pigment-based inks LUCIA were developed by the company to meet the professional demand of photographic printing. Simultaneously, Canon developed the PgR technology to prevent the blurring while printing on plain paper.

This was also the period of Canon shifting from mobile printing to large-format printing with the development of image PROGRAF 9100. This is a large-format printer using inkjet technology having a maximum width of 1.5 m.


Canon FC100 copier is carrying forward the legacy of easy to use high quality copiers from Canon that needs just plugging in to enjoy the effortless copying. FC100 is not just efficient but affordable one to meet the requirements of personal as well as office uses

The unique features of Canon FC100 among others are:

  • All-in-One cartridge that requires no maintenance virtually 
  • Manual feeding of sheets to get prints on paper of different shapes and sizes  
  • Requires no time to warm-up & automatically gets switched-off
  • Give copies not just on paper but also on OHP, collared paper as well as postcards
  • Compact in size, portable with easy use.

FC100 copier has an advantage as it can produce copies not just on plain paper but on wide range of other materials such as OHP films, coloured paper and even the postcards giving one versatile options for copying as per the requirements. The stylish and compact design of FC100 makes it fit into any kind of working environment that require the smallest place to adjust in. Add to this is the convenience of carrying it with a handle.

FC100 is one copier to rely for getting clean, clear as well as sharp copies consistently. The unique cartridge from Canon has all the three elements of printing namely toner, drum, and cleaner unit all in just one cartridge virtually making the copier free from any kind of maintenance. One just has to switch the cartridges without creating any mess and make the copier as good as the new one. The new E30 cartridges from Canon meant for this copier adds value to the purchase. The offer to take back the used cartridges in exchange for the new one saves money and one get genuine product as well.

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Article Posted: 25/03/2011 01:00:01

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