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Epson C1100 Printers: Exceed your Vision

Epson C1100 Printers: Exceed your Vision

It has been over a hundred years since Epson has been in the market. Initially, their success was in watch making which led them to make the first quartz watch in 1969. And now the company has transformed into a printer manufacturing industry. Epson made watches in the 1881 when K. Hattori ran the company and they were named as Seiko Epson.

History of Epson Printers

Until the 1960s, Epson printers were still not manufactured. The first printer was known as the EP-101 that was launched in 1965. Epson not only has made the invention of the first quartz watch but has pioneered the digital watch as well.  After it’s discontinuity in watches, Epson began making office equipment keeping in mind the electronic markets of America.

In the late ‘70s, Epson released the dot matrix printer at a reasonable price. It made them conquer the market and they quickly flourished by capturing sixty percent of the American consumers. Epson targeted the ink jet colour printers for the desktop computers that came into use at the 1990s and so the illustrious Epson Stylus Colour-Epson has never been out of the market. Epson is now the leader in digital imaging products, scanners, projectors, and lots more.

Epson not only caters to Americans but also caters to the needs of customers around the globe. It not only manufactures printers for home and office, but also tailors varied demands of clients specifically for retail and banking sectors.

 The Epson Distinguish

Being one of the best known manufacturers, Epson is known for its reliability, versatility, and high quality inkjet, laser, and multifunctional printers. Most of Epson products are designed to be eco and environmental friendly. They are qualified by Energy Star and they serve the customers abreast with latest inventions in technology so that they are not behind the newer inventions taking place. In fact, they make it look like a simultaneous production line up together with what the future and next generation technology holds.

The Epson C1100  Specs

What the Epson C1100 printer provides is efficiency in work groups and small businesses.  It is a monochrome, colour laser printer that gives prints photo quality at high speeds. Producing up to twenty-five pages per minute, will get a lot of work done fast. Teams or groups can get copies of everything super fast.

The C1100 has an Application Specific Integrated Circuit or ASIC. This processes graphics data and has a thirty-two MB memory. It can expand up to two-hundred and fifty-six MB. The control panel will multi-task different print jobs constantly. It’s a high

performance printer that can handle the toughest jobs. Along with this, there is a new toner technology that is called AcuBrite along with a Wrap Transfer System.

The Epson C1100 also provides a number of additional facilities. These include input paper tray that can hold around five hundred papers, auto duplexer unit to minimize the wastage element, and so on.

Furthermore, the Epson C1100 provides the consumers with a facility to directly print the web pages that they want to print. To further enhance the consumers, the printer also provides the facility of customizing the size of the print according to the user specification. 

Besides all this, the printer model Epson C1100 also consists of the facility of being attached to a wireless adapter, therefore, it can also be added to any sort of network.  Basically this means there is a wide variety of connectivity features. Either a Mac or PC can use a Parallel-Centronics or High speed USB connection.

Straight forward management and remote configuration and connecting to networks in the local area, is the 10/100  BaseTx network interface. This is called the Epson AcuLaser C1100N which is specifically configured for networking.

If a business does a lot of networking with clients, partners, or workers, this printer is highly recommended simply because of its networking capabilities. The entire team will know what is going on and never miss anything. Everything is stored in memory also. So, if something is lost, the printer can actually retrieve it. Just look up the day and guess the time, and it will be found.

The Epson C1100 Toner S050190B

Epson C1100 Toner S050190B provides its users with a whole heap of advantages. The cartridge provides its users with a great value for money as it enables huge amounts of printing at a low cost. It gives a life of four thousand printable pages and is manufactured holding an ISO 9001 quality endorsed certification to ensure the premier quality level. The Epson C1100 Toner S050190Boffers the highest quality and reliability from one of the largest manufacturers in the UK.

Each and every Epson C1100 Toner S050190B is passed through a quality performance test to ensure standardization of quality. All cartridges have one hundred percent new imaging drums and wiper blades and doctor blades. Electronic chips are also replaced when necessary.

As the time is progressing, the demand for these cartridge printers has been on a rise. Therefore, the manufactures have installed new production plants, recently, to meet this rising demand.

Alongside all this, the Epson C1100 has the facility of using a variety of toners. Therefore, providing the consumer with an option to choose from a huge assortment of toners based upon their needs and requirements. The variety of the toners which can be used in the

Epson C1100 include: S050189 Cyan High Capacity, AcuLaser C1100/CX11N/CX21N, S050188 Magenta, S050187 Yellow, and many more varieties and colours.

Although the cost of this printer is higher than the other ones present in the market, the Epson C1100 still tends to be more affordable for the user in the long run due to factors apart from the price when compared with the other printer options that one is made available with.  The printer cartridges itself will be life saving for the business.

For more information on the Epson C1100, check out Toners Express for all your printing needs. There is a wide variety of printers and ink that will suit any business need.

Article Posted: 30/03/2011 01:00:01

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