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How do I print my address labels out

9 Steps How To Help You Correctly Print Out Address Labels On Your Home or Business work Printer.

With the help of address label templates, people can easily print out address and return address labels. The majority of word processors have address label templates or they can easily be found on the Internet.  Of course, you’re going to need the following things to print out both address and return address labels:

- Microsoft Word

- Address label template

- Printable address labels

- Laser/inkjet printer

9 Steps To Printing Out Address and Return Address Labels

1 – Open your word processor. Click on “File, New” and, from there, a window should have popped up asking you which document type you want to open.  Look for a file that says either “Mailing Labels” or “Address Labels”. Click on it and choose what size template you need for your address labels.  You can locate this information on the labels package.

2 – Find out what your word processing program’s name and version is. Go to “Help” then “About” to learn this information.

3 - If you’re using Open Office or Microsoft Word, the templates can be found at Tonersexpress under the labels section. While on the Tonersexpress labels section, you need to find the right template for what you’re looking to do. In the search box, type in the product number, labels per page or you can go to the product page and click on the icon for Microsoft Word this will be located at the bottom of the label description. You’ll find this marked up as “Free Templates: Microsoft WORD or PDF”. Choose the location where you’re going to save the file. Once you do that, click “ok”.

4 – If you don’t use Microsoft Word, you’ll need the help of a search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) to locate the needed label templates. All you have to do is type in “free address labels” and the word processing name in the search box.

5 – When you find one that meets what you’re looking for, download the template.

6 – Open the template using your word processor. You can do by clicking on “File, Open”. Find the location that you saved the address labels template.

7 – You’ll have the option to edit the template, customizing it the way you need – adding in text and/or pictures. For most templates you follow the format listed below, with the template open on the screen double click with your mouse in the centre of the first label, this should now show it as highlighted with small dots around the edges. Next right mouse click and select “add text”, now type in the text you require or paste in data and or import images. Do the same for all the other labels until the page is filled with text or images, logos or data. The final thing you will need to do just prior to printing is to remove the black outline of the labels as you do not want these printing out. Select a single label by double clicking with the mouse to highlight that label, at the top menu click on “format” , “shape outline”,  “no outline” so now you should just be looking at the text/images and when you print they will be perfectly aligned to stay within the label area.

8 – Place blank address labels into the printer.

 - Be sure the printer is turned on. Get your address labels ready, making sure none are stuck together?  Line them up, facing upwards.

 - Have the right paper thickness, as the majority of printers have various settings for this thickness. Look at the printer manual to determine which setting is best.

 - Modify the paper guide to ensure your address labels fit properly.

 - Place the labels into the feed tray. At the top of the sheets, you should see an arrow or some texting that indicates the top. You want the front of the labels to face you. Be sure you alter the paper guide as needed.

 - Pick your printer settings before you start printing. Go through the printer properties or page setup, to ensure the printer is set to print labels. On some drivers, there are special presets to print out address labels.

 9 – Now you can start printing out your labels. The program might ask you questions about the blank address labels. Type in your product information to ensure the label is lined up correctly. The labels should be ready for print on your printer.

Important Information About Printing Address Labels

It’s important you know what version your word processor is because new templates that were created for newer versions don’t generally works on older ones. Be sure you recheck the compatibility before you download a free address label.

Article Posted: 14/11/2012 01:00:01

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