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Seventy Years of HP and now the HP LaserJet 3030

HP LaserJet 3030

For over seventy years, HP has been a leader in the design, production, and distribution of information technology products.  HP produces everything from laptops, computers, and video game systems and even tablet type devices in recent years.  HP has a long and interesting history filled with trials and tribulations.  Today, HP is one of the world’s biggest companies and one of the most recognizable brands in the world.


HP was founded when Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard formed a small company in a garage in Palo Alto in 1939.  They named the company HP after their initials, and HP started with just 8 of investment capital.  HP was incorporated on August 18th, 1947 and made their first public offering on November 6th, 1957.  In the early years, HP focused on many projects that put their electrical engineering skills to use.  One of the first products that they worked on was a precision audio oscillator, which they were able to sell for .50, versus the competition who were selling their inferior models for as much as 0.  One of the first major customers was the Walt Disney Company, who purchased eight oscillators for use in their surround sound systems.


By the 1960s, HP had become a symbol of Silicon Valley, although they did not become involved in semiconductor research until 1957.  HP developed semiconductors mainly for internal use, such as in their calculators and other instruments.  In the late 1960s, HP partnered with Sony and some other Japanese companies to produce high tech products.  By the 1970s, HP jumped aboard the personal computer craze and started researching and developing personal computer models and components.  HP is often recognized as the first company to produce a mass produced, marketable personal computer that was used by everyday people.  This computer was called the HP 9100A, which was introduced in the early 1970s.  Despite being called a computer, it was nothing more than a glorified calculator.  The price was set at ,000 a piece, meaning only the elite and rich could afford the product.


By the 1980s, HP was well on their way to producing inkjet and laser printers for business and personal use.  They also produced scanners, faxes, copying machines and other office equipment.  In the 1990s, HP spun off a large portion of their company to form a subsidiary, Agilent.  Agilent consisted of everything that wasn’t related to business, computers, storage or imaging.  The creation of Agilent made history as the single largest public offering in the history of Silicon Valley.  On September 3rd, 2001, HP merged with Compaq, to create a mega corporation.  After the acquisition of Compaq, HP became a major player in desktop computers, laptop computers and servers for both business and personal use.  In 2010, HP acquired 3PAR, which specializes in manufacturing storage and data enterprise solutions.  HP also acquired Palm Inc., which gave the company a foothold into the mobile phone market.


Throughout the years, HP has designed and manufactured millions of printers, and each has its own purpose and use.  The first LaserJet printers were created in 1984, when the technology was new and revolutionary.  Over the years, HP and other printing manufacturing companies have made strides when it comes to the technology used in printers. 


The HP LaserJet 3030 is one of the first printers that made up the 3000 series line of printers.  The 3000 series was formed in 2006 when HP decided to produce a printer that would bridge the gap between professional and personal use.  The LaserJet 3030 is a printer that can be used both in the office and in other settings, such as in schools, businesses and homes.  The 3030 has been in production since 2006 and has quickly become one of the best-selling HP printer models.


The HP LaserJet 3030 is a revolutionary product in more ways than one.  Below are some of the features that you would find on this printer:

  • Compact – The printer itself weighs in at only 26.5 pounds, while it takes up about as much room as a desktop monitor or a personal printer.
  • Performance – The LaserJet 3030 is capable of printing over fifteen copies per minute, with only twelve seconds to first page out.  The printer features a very powerful 240 MHz processor along with thirty-two MB of RAM for blazing fast performance across all spectrums. 
  • Compatibility – The printer can be used on both PC and Mac platforms.  In addition, the printer can be hooked up using both USB 2.0 and parallel connectivity options. 


No laser printer can function without proper toner, and the same is true for the HP LaserJet 3030 printer.  The Q2612A toner is known as being some of the highest quality and best toner available on the market.  This toner can be purchased at many places, but the average price is around £50 per toner cartridge.  Below are some features of this particular toner cartridge:

  • All in one cartridge meaning it’s both easy to install and replace.
  • 1 year limited parts warranty and 1 year limited labour warranty.
  • Is capable of printing over to thousand pages based on a five percent page coverage rating.

As you can see, this is some of the best toner available on the market right now.  It has consistently garnered the highest ratings from users and critics alike.


If you own a small business, or work in an office with an outdated laser printer, then considering purchasing the HP LaserJet 3030 printer along with HP Toner Q2612A.  With this powerful combination of printer and toner, you can transform your office productivity overnight.  Many office workers and small business owners have switched to the HP LaserJet 3030 because it offers fast prints, unmatched connectivity, and best of all, a great value.  For more information on this HP LaserJet 3030, or its accompanying toner cartridge, just visit www.tonersexpress.co.uk.  Here you will find all the information you need to decide if you will make a purchase and what type of printer you need.

Article Posted: 30/03/2011 01:00:01

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