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Getting organized just got easier with Laser Labels

Getting Organized Just Got Easier With Laser Labels

The life of a business professional just got easier due to the availability of laser labels.  These great printing accessories work wonderfully with your laser or ink jet printer. The business professional can benefit from these labels and they are also available in the Ink jet label material and the A4 Label sheets. The paper that these labels utilize has an adhesive film that once printed upon, the film can be removed exposing the sticky adhesive for ease of applying. 

No longer will personnel be required to tediously write out labels for addressing correspondence to prospective clients due to the laser labels. Tons of time will be saved when using these great labels with your laser printers. So, if you’re a business professional that addresses a lot of direct mail or just a lay-person that would like to use these for labeling daily correspondence., you now have that time-saving option.  There is still more options available for time-saving on your labeling with Inkjet labels and A4 Labels.

The Inkjet labels would be a perfect addition to your professional time-saving arsenal.  These wonderful labels will prove to be helpful with anything from labeling your products or tagging them. They can be purchased in many different shapes such as rectangle, square, and circular. All of these great labels come with free template software in Microsoft Word format or PDF format that can make their use greatly simplified for fast accurate printing.

But along with the Laser Labels, there are also the A4 labels that are perfect adhesive labels that are great for use on envelopes or CDs. The A4 signifies the type of paper used for the label printing. This special type of paper is slightly larger than the normal. It is approximately 8.27 by 11.69 inches in measurement.  But they also come in a variety of shapes. They all can come with that great adhesive film on them that can be removed for easy peel and sticking after printing.

The Inkjet Labels come in 4 to 6 primary colors. The inkjet label material allows inkjet printing that print using tiny drops of ink that are propelled upon it so therefore requires less drying time. They come with great templates, for ease of use, which can be saved. Most people would say that these are the most common type of labels people use. If wanting to print onto labels with an inkjet printer it is important to check which materials are compatible see compatible guide on the tonersexpress web site.


Laser Labels are usually available in the standard print paper size sheet of A4. The paper is made nonporous so that it can withstand laser printing. Laser printers and even laser copiers have been said to use amazing amounts of heat when printing. Laser printers and copiers usually use a toner so they are a slight saving on expenses with them and they are also capable of printing onto almost all material label finishes. A few examples are Polyester labels, Vinyl labels, Polyethylene labels, Fluorescent Labels, High gloss and semi gloss labels.

Inkjet Labels also come on the standard printing size paper. But the paper used for these labels is more porous. Some of these types of labels can also be found in waterproof stock. Both are available in the A4 Label size paper. The professional merely needs to adjust their printer settings when electing to use this size label to accommodate the larger paper size. When printing onto A4 laser labels you do need to change the printer properties to select the print setting for labels.

All business professionals know how important labeling is in their day-to-day business.  This truly time-consuming part of the business can be a very tedious job to say the least.  But now with the newer technology, computers once again are helping to save time.  So, the business professional can cut the time in half for their labeling by using Laser Labels, Inkjet Labels, or A4 Labels all available from www.tonersexpress.co.uk

Most of these labels can be used with Microsoft Word. This will help the business professional in designing a template that they can use over and over again for their labeling jobs these are available for free download from the label listing. There is other software out there though for more advanced printing layout designs. Most believe the labels to have a print accuracy of minus or plus one millimeter. 

The experts would therefore recommend designs that include a border for labels. This will help with the print accuracy. Business professionals easing into the world of printing their own labels can find help on the Microsoft Word help section or even in the printer manual which comes with their printer.

Doing some research about your print settings can be very helpful to getting the professional on his/her way to labeling success.  Learning more about your printers print setting can help the business professional be more able to fine tune them to the individual jobs needs.

It is relatively easy to find a great supplier for labels but to find one that also combines the very best in price as well is not so easy yet at www.tonersexpress.co.uk you will obtain both trade prices, next day delivery and great customer support. Most suppliers have a readily available supply of Laser Labels, Inkjet Labels, and A4 Labels on hand. Some can even guarantee next day delivery. Some will happily provide supplies for these labels in bulk at trade prices for the business professional. 

Having the most printing options, of course, will work best with a laser jet printer as lasers use heat transfer technology that is compatible with nearly all the materials available. Inkjet printers will do well with Inkjet labels. A4 Labels can most often be used by either type of printer, as this type of label is more specifically denoted by the size of the paper. It may also benefit the professional to research the advantages and drawbacks of each in regards to the expense for the ink or toner and finished results for labeling.  

Knowing too, the quantity of labels that you will require may be helpful in making your choice as to which is better for you and your business, often it is better to buy a few extra boxes as the shipping cost is fixed and does not increase when adding more laser labels to you order. The Laser Labels according to experts should be printed in single sheets.  You cannot print a few and then put that sheet through again for using of the empty labels as it may damage the machine or so it is suggested. So there are many points to consider before making your choice as to which label will work best for you. Please note not all Laser printer manufacturer support shiny gloss paper, so it is advisable to ask the technical department first.

There is absolutely no doubt, though, that turning your label business over to the computer technology now available is a great time-saving business decision. It doesn’t matter if you choose Laser Labels, Inkjet Labels, or A4 Labels. The one you will choose will merely depend upon your printer and the specific job that you need the labels for.  But no matter which one you pick, you will be making a choice to join the world of time-saving. To see the very best in cheap printer labels visit tonersexpress.

Article Posted: 16/09/2011 01:00:01

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