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The Lexmark E120 Laser Printer Machine

Lexmark E120

For years, Lexmark has cemented itself as one of the leading producers of printers and printing products in the United States.  They have gained a reputation of producing the finest and highest quality printers available.  Lexmark currently employs thirteen thousand people worldwide, including four thousand people at their headquarters in Lexington, Kentucky.  Lexmark currently produces inkjet and laser printers, printing supplies, toner, ink, and other various imaging products.


Lexmark has a fairly short history when compared to other leaders in the printing industry, but their products don’t suffer because of it.  Lexmark was formed as a branch of IBM’s printing sector, meaning the small company already had great potential.  In the early years, each Lexmark product carried the IBM logo in addition to the Lexmark logo – a sign of the company’s infancy.  By 1994, all printers produced by Lexmark no longer carried the IBM logo, and by 1995 the company made an initial public offering. 

In the early stages, Lexmark focused on producing inkjet printers.  After the turn of the decade, they started research on laser and dot matrix printers, which would prove to be a very valuable type of printer in the future.  Lexmark first only produced monochrome printers, but later expanded to produce colour printers too.  Lexmark then expanded further to start producing ink and toner, which can be used in their printers.  By 2005, they started manufacturing products for other companies, such as Dell.  By 2006, Lexmark was earning 5.2 billion dollars of revenue per year, making them a fortune 500 company.  Lexmark was one of the first companies to produce an inkjet printer for under one-hundred dollars, making it a very lucrative business opportunity.  They were also the first manufacturer to produce a photo printer that could also function as a regular printer.


Lexmark has researched and designed hundreds of printers since its inception, but one of the most valuable and best-selling printers is the E120.  The E120 is a monochrome printer, meaning it excels at printing in black and white and isn’t used to print colour documents or photographs.  Below are some of the features of the Lexmark E120 printer:

  • High quality – The Lexmark E120 is capable of printing high quality documents in as little as five seconds, with an eight second time to first page time.  The printer can print documents at a resolution of up to 1200 dpi, on a wide range of media.  The printer features sixteen MB of memory and PCL 6 emulation. Along with providing one-hundred and fifty sheet paper tray meaning you can spend more time printing and less time loading paper.
  • Compact – Despite being rated as an office printer, the E120 is about as compact as a personal home printer.  This printer will not take up much space in the office and will allow you to replace your aging inkjet printer with a state of the art laser printer.
  • User-Friendly – The Lexmark E120 is very user friendly, from operation to changing the toner cartridge.  There are even photoconductor kits that can be purchased which last up to twenty-five thousand pages, meaning you may never have to change the toner.
  • Performance – The E120 is one of the fastest printers of its class, capable of printing up to twenty pages per minute.  It features a 183 MHz processor and sixteen megabytes of memory for lighting fast printing and processing. 
  • Connectivity – Features USB and Ethernet connectivity options allowing you to connect your entire office to one printer.  No more fumbling around with wires and cords – with the E120 everything is wireless.

Overall, the Lexmark E120n office printer is one that exudes both quality and performance in both its design and functionality.  The Lexmark E120 is great for both personal and professional use.  It is capable of being connected to any computer in your home or office via Wi-Fi connections, in addition to being able to print up to twenty pages per minute. 


No printer can function without toner or ink, and the same is true for the Lexmark E120.  The E120 can use a variety of toner cartridges, but the main type is the0012036SE Black model.  This toner's design is to be used primarily for the E120 model, so you can be assured that it fits perfectly and works exceptionally.  This toner cartridge relies on laser technology to print a clear and crisp image on each page.  Below are some of the features of the 0012036SE model:

  • Toner cartridge meaning it’s both clean and environmentally safe
  • Black and white colours
  • Prints in black as the E120 is not capable of printing in colour
  • Can print up to two thousand pages before needing to be replaced
  • Weighs in at just 1.5 pounds

The 0012036SE toner cartridge is available at a variety of places both online and in stores.  The base price for the cartridge is about one hundred dollars, but you may be able to find deals or specials to save a few bucks.


Lexmark hasn’t been around for very long when compared to some of the more traditional printer manufacturers, but nonetheless they still produce printers that have exceptional quality and value.  One of the most popular models is the Lexmark E120n, which is great for both office and personal use.  The E120 is capable of printing over twenty pages per minute, 600 dpi resolution, and takes up about as much space as a personal use printer. 

The Lexmark E120 printer uses the 0012036SE toner cartridge, which has enough toner for about two-thousand pages.  This means you will spend more time printing and less time changing the toner and less wasted money.  If you need a printer and toner combination that is capable of printing mass quantity of documents while remaining small and compact, and not to mention cheap, then you should seriously consider the Lexmark E120 laser printer.  For more information on the E120, or to purchase the Lexmark E120 printer, visit www.tonersexpress.co.uk, where you can find out information on many different kinds of printers and toners.

Article Posted: 31/03/2011 01:00:01

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