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Minolta 2300 Laser Printers Device

Minolta 2300

If you live in the United Kingdom or other parts of Europe or the United States, then you’ve probably never heard of Minolta.  That’s because Minolta is a now defunct company that used to operate in Japan.  Minolta specialized in photographic devices and laser printers.  They have a long and storied history and were quite successful while in operation.  In 2003, Minolta merged with Konica Corporation to form a very large, multinational corporation that specializes in photographic equipment and other office equipment.


In 1928, Kazuo Tashima founded Minolta under the name Nichi-Doku Shashinki Shoten, which is German for “Japanese-German Photo Company.”  In the early years, Minolta relied heavily on imported German technology to design and manufacture cameras.  In 1929, the company turned out their first camera, the Nifcarette.  It was a bellows camera that utilized state of the art technology for the time.  In 1937, the company again changed their name to Chiyoda Kogaku.  The first Japanese twin-lens reflexive camera also came from Minolta.  This camera was developed in 1937 and was based off of the German Rolleflex.  In 1947, the company finally changed their name again, this time to the name that would stick with them until their demise in 2003.  They also produced the Minolta-35 in 1947. This would go on to become one of their best selling products.


World War II destroyed much of Japan’s infrastructure, but Minolta continued to produce cameras and other equipment for the post-war generation of consumers.  In 1950, Minolta developed one of the world’s first planetarium projectors, which signified the start of the company’s venture into astronomical instruments.  In 1962, astronaut John Glenn utilized a Minolta rangefinder 35 mm camera to take snapshots of the moon and other planets while in Earth’s orbit.  Continuing into the 1960s, Minolta entered the market of medium format roll film and made a series of cameras that would prove to be a financial success for the company.

Minolta continued to produce single-lens reflex cameras through the 1960s and 70s.  During this time period, Minolta was constantly regarded as one of the most innovative camera manufacturer’s in Japan.  In the early 1970s, Minolta introduced the SR-T line of cameras.  These models were well made and were resistant to damage or breakdown.  Despite this, they were often regarded as worse than their main competitor, Nikon, because they weren’t as robust as many of the Nikon models.  The Minolta cameras had trouble functioning in cold weather and with too much use, the camera would sometimes malfunction.  These cameras also lacked important features such as motor drive, removable back plate and removable pentaprism.  Despite these setbacks, the SR-T line of cameras was some of the most popular in Japan.


In 1977, Minolta introduced the XD-11, which was the world’s first multimode 35mm compact camera to include shutter priority and flash in a single system.  It was also the first camera that would utilize a computerized chip, making the world’s first “modern” camera.  Around this time, Minolta also started branching out into other markets.  After inkjet printers were developed in the early 1980s, they capitalized on the opportunity and began designing and producing models to compete with the better known models already on the market.  Despite the company’s efforts to preserve their independence, they ultimately ended up merging with Konica in 2003.  This corporation is now called Konica Minolta Ltd.  The new firm continues to manufacture cameras and other printing devices, and is now one of the largest camera manufacturers in Japan.


Beginning in the 1980s, Minolta began designing and producing laser printers that would be used by many businesses and private offices in Japan.  The Minolta 2300 is a multipurpose printer that is capable of printing in both colour and black and white.  The 2300 can trace its roots back to the first laser printers that Minolta produced in the mid-1980s.  Below are some of the features that you would expect to find on the 2300 model:

  • Performance – The Minolta 2300 is capable of printing twenty pages per minute in black and white and five pages per minute in colour.   In addition, the printer has a ten second time to first print and the printer is able to hold about seven hundred pages in the paper tray.  The printer features a 120 MHz CPU and 16 MB of RAM for great performance and the ability to print many documents at once, making it great for an entire office or small business.
  • User accessibility – The Minolta 2300 is very easy to use and operate.  The screen has detailed buttons and information that makes printing a snap.  In addition, changing the toner couldn’t be easier, considering it only involves snapping the old toner out and pushing the new toner in.

TONER 1710517-005

The Minolta 2300 utilizes the 1710517-005 toner to produce documents with unmatched image clarity and crispness.  This toner is available at all major retailers and is rated for four thousand five hundred pages at 5% coverage before needing replacement.  This toner is great for everyday documents in addition to professional documents and charts and graphs.  This toner is also available in black, cyan, magenta and yellow colours, allowing for a possible sixteen million colour possibilities.  Since the Minolta 2300 printer is capable of printing in colour, this makes the toner a great component for the printer.


Minolta has been in the business of designing and producing printers since they were invented in the early 1980s.  Since then, they have sold thousands of printers to businesses and consumers in and around the Japan area.  The Minolta 2300 is great for a large office setting, a small business, or even a networked area such as a school computer lab or college dorm room.  Given its low price, this printer would also be a great alternative for your home to replace your aging inkjet printer.  For more information on the Minolta 2300, or its accompanying toner, please visit www.tonersexpress.co.uk.

Article Posted: 01/04/2011 01:00:01

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