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Oki C5650 Laser Printers New series

Oki C5650

For those residing in the United Kingdom, the company “Oki” probably doesn’t ring any bells.  That’s because it’s headquartered in Japan and primarily does business with Japan and Southeast Asia.  Despite its relative remoteness to the Western world, Oki still produces very good printers and office products.  Oki has a very long history and one that is full of trials and tribulations.  Despite the hardships they have faced, they continue to produce products that are used on an everyday basis.  Many of Oki’s products are used in office settings, such as printers, copiers, faxes, and scanners.  The company had .8 billion dollars of revenue in 2009 and had 17,415 employees.


After Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1876, many people realized the potential of the new device.  One such entrepreneur was Kibataro Oki, who founded his company in 1877, only one year after the invention of the telephone.  His company started research and began producing their first telephone in 1881.  Only five years after Graham Bell came up with the first telephone.  Oki continued to contribute to the immense spread of phones and telecommunications equipment in Japan in its early years.  During and after World War I, Oki experienced large increases in profits, primarily due to the influx of phone production caused by the war.  At the same time, a large demand for a Private Exchange Branch emerged in Japan, and Oki led the way in developing the first PBX in Japan.  After the atomic bombs were dropped on Japan at the end of World War II, Oki had a difficult time rebuilding their factories and production facilities.  However, by 1951 they were back to full production and started mass producing the Type-4 Telephone.


In the early 1950s, Oki transitioned to only producing electronic devices.  Their company was listed on the Tokyo stock exchange by 1951, and by 1956 they began producing a crossbar-switching device which would be used commercially.   During the 1960s, Japan experienced an economic boom, and Oki had to step up production to keep up with demand.  During this time, they began producing typewriters and rudimentary printers and copiers.  They came up with one of the world’s first electric typewriters in 1961, which sped up business productivity across Japan.


By the 1980s, Oki had a firm grasp on the printer market, as well as the copier and typewriter market.  In 1980, they launched the if800 series, which was a very successful business PC platform.  In 1982, they introduced the world’s first cash-recycling ATM, which saved consumers untold amounts of money since they didn’t have to throw away deposited banknotes.  During the Japanese recession of the 1990s, Oki had to scale back business operations and had to spin off divisions of their company in order to stay in the black. 

By the time the Internet was released, Oki jumped on the new movement and began offering network solutions to small businesses in Japan.  Oki continues to produce software that is used in e-commerce, Microsoft .NET compliant software, and office supplies, such as printers, faxes, copiers and scanners which are used throughout Japan.


Ever since the invention of the printer in the mid-20th century, Oki has been hard at work designing, researching, and producing the best printers available.  Oki has produced many types of printers since the company first started producing them, but none have been better received or offered more functionality than the Oki 5650 printer.  The Oki 5650 had been in development for many years prior to its release.  Unlike many high end printers, this one is capable of printing in both monochrome in addition to colour.  This makes it great because you don’t have to spend extra money purchasing another expensive printer just to handle your colour printing needs.


The Oki C5650 printer is great for all of your printing needs, whether they are big or small.  It makes a great printer for any office or small business.  Below are some of the features that make the C5650 stand out amongst the competition.

  • Is capable of printing up to 26 pages per minute in black and white and 22 pages per minute in colour.
  • Can print in full HD for unmatched picture clarity and detail.
  • Time to first page print is 11 seconds for colour and 8 seconds for black and white.
  • 1200x600 dpi resolution for outstanding image quality and breathtaking clearness.
  • USB 2.0 connectivity comes standard, in addition to 10/100 Ethernet connection, meaning your entire office or small business can be connected to one printer.
  • 930 sheet paper capacity and 320 MB memory capacity.
  • Is capable of printing banners up to four feet long, in addition to other kinds of media.

TONER 43865708

Every great printer needs some great toner to make the picture look bright and vibrant.  The Oki 5650 uses the 43865708 toner to make each document appear crisp and clean.  This toner is available in black and white, magenta, yellow and cyan.  With this combination of colours available, you’ll be able to print in over 16 million colours without having to purchase expensive colour toner and hope it works.  The toner is rated for eight thousand pages at a five percent coverage rate and is very easy to replace.  In fact, this toner is some of the most economical and user friendly toner on the market.


If you’re in the market for a new printer to upgrade your old one, or to purchase one for the first time, then consider taking a look at the Oki 5650 printer.  You can trust the Oki name because they have been in business for over one hundred and twenty years and have continued to produce products that have exceptionally high quality and durability.  The 5650 is great for an office setting and for small businesses where all computers can be connected to a single printer. 

Article Posted: 01/04/2011 01:00:01

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