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Samsung ML2240 Fast Hi Quality Laser Printing Device.

Samsung ML2240

Samsung has a great reputation for producing many great electronic products, such as printers, televisions, cell phones, and computers.  The Samsung ML 2240 printer is the newest in line of Samsung’s many monochrome laser printers.  Samsung itself is a conglomerate corporation, with over a quarter of a million employees worldwide. 


There are many printing manufacturers who have long and storied histories, but perhaps Samsung has the longest and most interesting history of them all.  Samsung has been a player in the consumer electronics field for nearly seventy years, and has produced thousands of products which consumers use every day.  They are a leader in television, computer, cell phone, and personal office and business office products.


Lee Byung-chull founded Samsung in 1938 in Seoul, South Korea.  The company was originally founded as a small trading firm and had only forty employees.  Samsung wasn’t interested in electronics during the early years – instead they focused on grocery products, especially noodles that were grown and distributed locally.  The company continued to prosper until the Korean War, when Lee had to move the company.  He started a sugar refinery in Busan, South Korea.  After the war, he moved back to Seoul and founded a woollen mill that would become a major aspect of the company.  Samsung continued to diversify its product line until they found themselves in the electronics industry in the early 1960s.


When Samsung first ventured into the electronics industry, they simply created subdivisions in the company to deal with the electronics division, but eventually the entire company was switched over to electronics research, design and manufacturing.  Samsung focused heavily on the semiconductor industry and their first product was a black and white television set.  By the 1980s, Samsung was focused on telecommunications devices such as telephones and fax machines.  They also led the way in the research and development of the modern cell phone.  To date, Samsung has produced over 800 million cell phones, many of which are available at low cost to the consumer.  Samsung also branched out to include construction in their long list of business prospects.  They built two Petronas Towers in Malaysia, and other towers throughout the Middle East and western Asia. 


By the 1990s, Samsung had even branched out to start working for military contractors.  They began producing airplanes and the electronics devices that would be used in said aircraft.  They focused heavily on building fuel efficient jet engines that were used in many types of jet aircraft worldwide.  Samsung continues to focus heavily on the mobile market, the computer hardware market, and the emerging nanotechnology market.  Today, they product thousands of products, ranging from office use, personal computer use, mobile phones, and even televisions and LCD displays.  During the middle of the 2000 decade, Samsung overtook Sony as the world’s most popular consumer electronics brand.


Ever since the 1980s, Samsung has been heavily invested in the printer manufacturing business.  They lead the research and development of the laser printer, which debuted in 1984.  Their first printers were inkjet printers, which were used before the advent of laser printing in 1984.  After this revolution in printing technology, they began producing many different types of laser printers.  The ML 2240 monochrome printer is great for both office and personal use. 


The Samsung ML 2240 printer is capable of many things that regular laser printers are, in addition to being able to achieve outstanding results in the area of printing performance and energy savings.

  • Performance – The ML 2240 is capable of first page print out time of less than ten seconds, and after that the printer is capable of achieving up to 23 pages per minute.  In addition, the printer can print in resolution of up to 1200x600 dpi.
  • Hardware – The Samsung ML 2240 comes standard with a 150 MHz processor and eight MB of memory, allowing the printer to store hundreds of documents in memory before actually printing them, which speeds up printing and allows your entire office to rely on one single printer.  This printer is compatible with all versions of Windows and Mac.
  • Usability – When printing, the printer only gives off 51 dBA of noise, and while on standby only gives off 33 dBA of noise, making it one of the quietest pieces of equipment you’ll have in your office.  On a single cartridge cycle, this printer is capable of printing over 8000 pieces of paper before a replacement is needed.  Speaking of replacement – replacing the toner cartridge is very easy and user friendly.

TONER 106R01274

The Samsung ML2240 relies on toner to effectively print and reproduce thousands of documents.  In addition, the printer utilizes laser technology to make perfect copies every time.  This toner is black and white only, as the ML 2240 is not capable of printing in colour.  This toner can be purchased at a variety of locations, but the average price for one set of toner is about seventy dollars, depending on tax and sales.  The 106R01274 is specially formulated to produce the best image quality available on a laser printer.  This toner is rated up to eight thousand pages if used at five percent coverage.  With such high quality toner to accompany the ML 2240, you can be assured that each and every page you print will be of the same high quality as the last one.


Samsung has been in the printer business for many years, and they have it down to a perfected science.  The ML 2240 is an example of their hard work and research.  This printer is great for office use as well as home and personal use.  It is capable of up to twenty-three pages per minute, as well as only ten seconds to print the first page from start up.  For more information on the Samsung ML 2240, or its accompanying toner, visit www.tonersexpress.co.uk.  Here you will find plenty of information on this printer, and many others.

Article Posted: 05/04/2011 01:00:01

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