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Trade priced printer labels for every industry.

Trade priced coloured labels. The UK industry uses millions of printer labels every day to add information and warnings to their products. Most of the food industry use gloss clear polyester labels the advantages are that these labels are clear and can be stuck onto almost any shape and size of promotional packaging. These gloss clear labels can be printed onto with any colour of ink to compliment the design of the box. The other advantage being they will adhere to the product itself so most plastic containers will also support this kind of label material.

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The engineering sector tends to use larger plain white paper labels to mark up plastic sacs that contain many small parts or for indexing pallets of products. Other popular label finishes include gloss labels and coloured paper labels.

Companies that operate in industry outside will often purchase Polyethylene labels, these labels are extremely weather proof and can cope with both high extremes of temperature and also freezing conditions they also have the highest tac adhesion so once in place they will stay put.  The disadvantage of these labels is they tend to be an off white colour however when looking for a label that will last against the elements of our climate these are the very best.

The retail industry is another sector that utile the use of labels in huge volumes, everything we purchase today will have some form of instruction attached to it and it is this reason that the retail industry get through more printed labels than most of the other sectors. Typical use of these kinds of label are for stock or SKU codes and the retail warehouse will often use printed barcodes to make sure no picking errors occur. Retail also like to use fluorescent highly coloured labels to catch the consumers’ eye when doing their weekly shopping. Retail customers know, sale and special offer items are often advertised using this kind of colourful label.

The education sector also like to use labels and do use every colour possible, most children progress through reading levels and the books are marked with different colours to grade them for difficulty.  Schools are also the biggest users of round or circled labels as these can be produced in any colour and range from a few circles per page right up to 270 small dot labels on a single A4 sheet.  

Putting plain white paper labels into different categories creates one clear winner and these are known as address labels, virtually any company that sends out mail shots will often use a word processing software package to produce a mail merge and then print thousands of labels in one batch to attach onto envelopes. This makes the market for address labels the largest by sector and often these will be purchased in bulk quantity at trade prices.

Printing firms will use many different coloured label materials for producing high quality designs and both gold and silver are a favourite. Sticking a nice rectangular small label with your name and address on looks professional and the details can be printed in an infinite choice of type face.



Article Posted: 22/04/2014 01:00:01

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