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How to find your printer labels

1. Type in the size of label you require, example "12 mm" this will display all labels that have at least one dimension of 12 mm.

2. Or type in the number of printer labels you require per a4 Sheet, example "12 Labels" this will display all labels that contain 12 per sheet

3. Once you have found the required label, click on the title to move to the next screen, next select the "Label Finish" by using the drop down box, and scroll down to select the label material. Example, White, gold, polyester, gloss clear.

4. Select the quantity required and click "Add to Cart".

Label Shapes

Round, sqaure, rectangular and even oval sticky Printer Labels

Select from over 60 different label designs with a selection of all shapes and sizes finishes.

An Overview of Different Shapes Available In Labels

In order to succeed in these competitive times, itís crucial to make your products stand out from the crowd. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by using attractive and informative labels on your products or Filing systems. This is not only the best method to inform your consumers about your products, but it also plays a significant role in promoting and advertising your products among a huge audience. Unfortunately, just getting labels is no longer an innovative strategy; you have to use unique and distinctive labels to differentiate your products. You can do this by using labels with different and unique shapes. Now companies can take help of different shapes of labels such as Square Labels, Oval Labels, Round Labels or Circular labels, to attract a large number of customers to their products.

Itís a fact that no product is complete without a label attached to it. So, if getting labels is such an important part of a product, then it makes sense to provide it a special shape to make it attractive to your customers. You have to think out-of-the-box to come out with terrific ideas about the shape of your labels. For instance, Oval Labels, Oblong Labels, and Strip Labels are truly innovative, and have the power to give your products a competitive edge. Apart from selecting the most suitable shapes for your labels, you should also take care of choosing the best company for your labels. It would not be wrong to say that that TonersExpress.co.uk is presently the best company as far as your label needs are concerned. It doesnít matter what shape of labels you want for your products, cutting-edge technology used by TonerExpress.co.uk can accomplish everything for you with aplomb.

One of the most common problems that ordinary labels manufacturing companies face is their inability to print on unusual label shapes. For instances, some companies find it extremely easy to print on Rectangular Labels, Circular labels, or Round Labels, but, on the other hand, they just refuse to print on unusual shapes such as Oval Labels, Slim Labels, Strip Labels or Oblong Labels. This may be attributed to the fact the label manufacturing companies have to develop special die cut tools for these unusual label shapes such as Oval Labels and Oblong Labels. This is an area where the outstanding services of TonersExpress.co.uk can help you by providing customised label shapes at most competitive prices.

Templates available in both Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF format. Disclaimer: References are used for identification purposes only. Avery product codes are used on this website to refer only to the self adhesive label sizes and templates for use with the most common software packages. Avery, Avery codes, brands and product names are trademarks of Avery

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