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How to find your printer labels

1. Type in the size of label you require, example "12 mm" this will display all labels that have at least one dimension of 12 mm.

2. Or type in the number of printer labels you require per a4 Sheet, example "12 Labels" this will display all labels that contain 12 per sheet

3. Once you have found the required label, click on the title to move to the next screen, next select the "Label Finish" by using the drop down box, and scroll down to select the label material. Example, White, gold, polyester, gloss clear.

4. Select the quantity required and click "Add to Cart".

Label Groups

Address Labesl, Media Labels, Shipping Labels, Parcel Labels and Multipurpos Sticky Labels

Select from over 60 different label designs with a great selection of shapes and sizes.

An Introduction to Different Label Groups

Labelling your products with attractive and informative labels is probably the best way to gain an edge in your industry. At the same time, it would not be wrong to say that labels are highly industry specific, that is, there are different types of labels for different purposes. For instance, there are Parcel Postage Labels, whichare mainly used for mailing purposes, and there are shipping labels, which are used on the products that you want to ship to your customers usually via a Courier Service. To cut the long story short, you should first analyse your industry, and the purpose for which you want these labels, and only then order the best labels that perfectly suit all your needs and requirements. With that in mind, letís try to understand different types of labels available in the market.

Address labels are probably the most common types of labels used in any industry. These labels are used on packages and envelops that you intend to send to your customers or other businesses. Getting high quality Address labels are a convenient and a professional way for all types of correspondences in any business. Similarly, theselabelsare also used on parcels for mailing purposes. One key aspect of Parcel Postage Labels that you always should keep in mind is that these labelsshould be weather proof, and made from extra strong material. If you own a business that deals with digital products such as CD/DVDís, then the easiest way to market your products, and make your products look more informative to your users is to get Media labels. You can easily improve the sales of your digital products such as software, songs or videos by using high quality Media labels.

Courier labels play a significant role in the delivery of products of any company. Furthermore, printed courier labels guarantee you that your products will be delivered at the correct address. Courier delivery labels are often preferred by companies that are concerned about their professional image, and want to improve the efficiency of their services. If you are not sure about the type of labels that you actually want, then multipurpose labels would be the best option for you. You can use these multipurpose labels on almost anything such as parcels, letter envelops and bags etc. So, you can get as innovative as you want with different types of labels because these labels essentially serve an extension to your brand image.

Templates available in both Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF format. Disclaimer: References are used for identification purposes only. Avery product codes are used on this website to refer only to the self adhesive label sizes and templates for use with the most common software packages. Avery, Avery codes, brands and product names are trademarks of Avery

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