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How to find your printer labels

1. Type in the size of label you require, example "12 mm" this will display all labels that have at least one dimension of 12 mm.

2. Or type in the number of printer labels you require per a4 Sheet, example "12 Labels" this will display all labels that contain 12 per sheet

3. Once you have found the required label, click on the title to move to the next screen, next select the "Label Finish" by using the drop down box, and scroll down to select the label material. Example, White, gold, polyester, gloss clear.

4. Select the quantity required and click "Add to Cart".

Media CD Labels  - 2 labels x 100 A4 Sheets - 117mm/40mm mm
Revay Labels

Music media CD / DVD Labels - 2 labels x 100 A4 Sheets - 117mm/40mm

Buy 1: £8.95 Each
Buy 2-5: £6.95 Each
Buy 6-10: £5.95 Each
Buy 11-25+: £4.95 Each
Ships from Supplier
Media Labels  - 16 labels x 500 A4 Sheets - 145 mm x 17 mm
Revay Labels

Media Labels Matt White Permanent Adhesive - 16 labels x 500 A4 Sheets - 145 mm x 17 mm

Buy 1: £32.95 Each
Buy 2-5: £29.75 Each
Buy 6-10: £25.95 Each
Buy 11-25+: £24.95 Each
Ships from Supplier

Media labels

Media labels. Quick DRY for smudge free performance. GreenTech Labels blend effortlessly with white & light coloured backgrounds to give you a highly individual & distinctive professional edge. A4 commercial labels can be used with most common CD/DVD designing software.


For people who work with a lot of CDs and DVDs, it is absolutely essential that all the discs are properly labeled. If all discs are not titled and labeled properly then it can become very difficult for professionals to find their required data, film or music album on time. Now, there are normally two ways to label a CD/DVD; to use peel and stick CD/DVD stickers or to use Media CD and DVD Printable Labels. Many people are not aware of the latter technique as it is relatively commercial method and is mostly being used only by professionals in the field of media.

Now the question arises, what are Media CD and DVD Printable Labels? The answer surprisingly is simple; they are just like normal stick on labels, when one looks at them from a distance, however the clandestine lies on the top of the label. What is different in normal stick on covers and Media CD and DVD Printable Labels is that the later ones have the capacity to have text and/or images printed on them. The paper used is also different than the one used in normal stick on labels, which enables smooth and easy printing of custom designs on top of the label.

This is helpful for professionals in a way that if they intend to make a thousand CD/DVDs, they canít sit and write text or draw images on each of the compact discs by hand. All they need to do is use Media CD and DVD Printable Labels and print as many labels as they want. This is the cheapest way to commercially label CD/DVDs and is used by professionals all across the industry. As the printable labels do not require any special type of printer therefore they can also be used in homes for developing custom labels in order to manage data and organize personal files. There are now a lot of specific software available and free templates to allow anyone with a computer the option of creating their own personal music Cd labels or film labels for their dvd collection.

We also sell mini disc laser labels, and a selection of round circular labels for other media related applications.

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"The labels were just what I needed. Could not find this size anywhere else. Time from order to delivery was excellent. "

David Hart

"Hi Andrew, I am not on face book but I am completely satisfied with my order and i will not hesitate to recommend you to others I shall also order again when I Require more labels. Regards Jacqueline "


"Next day delivery, quality labels and such a range of different sizes, will be back for more, for sure."

Stephen Smith

"excellent product, printed on top quality sticker blanks, great idea to stop the " not receivedn " scammers"

mark grabovski

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