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Article about Richo UK Ltd

Article about Richo UK Ltd

Article about Richo UK Ltd

Infotec Uk Ltd are part of the Richo Group of Companies. Tonersexpress have been selling to clients across the UK both Infotec’s Remanufactured Toner Cartridges and also the full range of Remanufactured Inkjet Cartridges. Below we detail the process used to remanufacture original OEM toner cartridges and inkjet printer cartridges.


Manufacturing Process


First of all the empty virgin toner carcass is inspected to ensure it is defect free and suitable for re-manufacturing.

Engineers then fully strip down the toner cartridge to its base components, inspect, clean & make ready for re-assembly. Any failed parts or carcasses are removed from the process & segregated for onward recycling. As part of this process, key components are cleaned within our pre-production facility, where excess waste toner is removed via our extraction unit (to ensure we remove the possibility of toner contamination). Waste toner collected in this process is made ready for onward recycling.


All reclaimed parts are prepared for the assembly process, along with any new components required (based on the specific build specification for the cartridge in question).

The cartridge is then reassembled including new toner and seal, as per the pre-defined work instructions.


After assembly is completed, the cartridge moves into the quality inspection area where it is fully checked for any defects, has the electronic chip installed (if required) and is print tested (see below).


From here the cartridge moves to final inspection, where appropriate labelling is applied before being boxed ready for transfer to our warehouse facility.

Within the process all segregated parts which cannot be re-used are sorted and made ready for collection and recycling via approved recycling partners. This covers waste packaging, waste toner removed from the toner carcasses, unusable toner cartridges and unusable metal parts including OPC drums.



Infotec use the American Standard Test Method page yield test data to F1856-98. Infotec products are guaranteed to produce the same page yield as an OEM cartridge. All page yields are published within our pricing catalogue. Infotec products also come with a no quibble guarantee of which covers the cartridge and the machine it is used in.

Testing Procedure

A small amount of toner, for use in testing image quality is applied to the surface of the magnetic roller of each cartridge. The toner applied, being of the same origin (same log and/or batch) as used in the sealed hopper of the test cartridge. The cartridge is then inserted into an appropriate printer or fax machine and ten (10) copies of a standard test print are produced. The test pattern utilised, covers all areas (corners, centre and middle sides) of an (A4) sheet. Test patterns used, include graphics as well as text; graphics to include progressive grey shade areas that allow evaluation of coverage and adequate toner dispersal.

We also examine the fifth and tenth copies produced for copy quality. Visible flaws in images produced, incomplete images, marks, and insufficient density of images will be cause for rejection of the cartridge. Sufficient additional copies are made from all acceptable cartridges to completely exhaust the excess toner that was applied to the roller.

In addition we regularly carry out print tests on OEM toners to compare page yield and print performance.

Page yield evaluation

As part of the evaluation process for new compatible laser toner cartridges, we first secure a quality toner solution from one of our primary component providers. By doing this we already have the knowledge that the toner has been fully tested against the OEM offering both for quality of print and page yield performance.

Within our own pre-launch, programme we conduct page yield testing to ensure the performance is in line with the original manufacturers offering, as an additional measure.

This is conducted by running both an original toner and our own in exactly the same conditions using the same printer and print format. The test will be stopped at regular intervals over the life of the cartridge to evaluate print quality and coverage, right through to its end of life. Comparative checks are made at each of these stages, for any deterioration or general print quality. If any toner failed the page yield performance test, against the original product, we would contact the chosen toner partner and inform them of our findings and if required source an alternative toner product that fully meets the page yield criteria, as defined by the original product. This is now very uncommon, as the industry has some highly proven toner producers, who carry very stringent testing before any release into the remanufacturing industry. Random testing of established toner products are also carried out, as required to ensure ongoing conformance.