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Greentech International Ltd.

Greentech International Ltd.

Article about Greentech International Ltd.

GreenTech have been collecting, recycling and remanufacturing inkjet and laser toner cartridges in the U.K. for over 10 years and estimate to have saved the equivalent of 5 million litres of oil or 147 football pitches worth of waste printer cartridges


Green-Tech International Ltd. (Formally known as Computerlink) was started as a small scale home operation in 2000, which rapidly grew into the successful business, which exists today. Over the years, Green-Tech International Ltd. has provided the highest quality products and service to many cartridge retailers and wholesalers across the UK.


In 2004 we moved into our new 15,000 sq ft factory and modern offices investing over £700,000 to cope with our increased production. This has given our staff a safe and clean environment to work in and improved our quality even further.



Our aim is to constantly work to improve our product through research and development of new inkjet components, to ensure the stability of Green-Tech. This has been made possible by manufacturing inkjets components in the Far East at a lower cost hence making our product competitive without compromising quality.

We have recently invested a further £750,000 into storage facilities for our increasing stock levels and product range. Our new facility has over 16,000 sq ft of storage, allowing us to continue the company's growth and to reach our recycling targets.

Company Info:

- Established in 2000
- Based in Peterborough, UK
- Employ over 30 staff in our office and production facility
- ISO 9001 Certified



GreenTech currently recycles and remanufactures over 27,000 remanufactured printer cartridges and remanufactured inkjet cartridges  every month, at their factory in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.


Every day GreenTech pays many companies, schools and government agencies to recycle their empty toner or inkjet printer cartridges.
Minimum £20 total recycle value.

The widespread use and relative low price of desktop printers has created an avalanche of empty printer cartridges. Almost 90% of all UK homes have a printer attached to their computer. Each inkjet or laser cartridge eventually gets empty and needs to be replaced, leaving you to throw the used cartridge in the bin. By throwing your empty cartridges away you are wasting money – lots of money - which could be going to good causes, including your own wallet. And what about the inkjet and laser printers used every day in all the office buildings and schools across the country? Many of these businesses and schools already have a recycling program in place and earn from 25p to over £7 for each cartridge they recycle.

Recycle and Earn
Over 45 million printer cartridges go into UK landfills each year according to the UK Cartridge Remanufacture Association. That means if everyone in the UK recycled their empty cartridges and got paid an average of 50p, consumers could claim a share of around £22.5 million through recycling their inkjet and toner cartridges.

Easy fundraising for schools and charities
Many Schools and Charities see inkjet and laser toner cartridge recycling as a relatively simple way of fundraising. One recent research study found that an average school can use 300 printer cartridges per year. So say this school got paid an average of £1.50 per recycled empty cartridge they could then raise £450 just from their own school’s office printers. A medium-sized business can use between 75 and 200 cartridges per year, or even more. So lets say the school fundraising team manages to persuade 10 local businesses to ‘donate’ their empty laser toner cartridges, they can expect about 100 x 10 = 1000 cartridges which at an average of £1.50 would raise funds of £1950. This calculation, of course, does not include all the empty inkjet and laser toner cartridges parents could be donating. But it’s still a pretty significant sum and one that any PTA or charity would be happy to accept.