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Big savings on ink cartridges toners and a4 printer labels, 100% money back guarantee

Our Customers Say...

The website is very user-friendly and I had no problem with placing my order. So convenient to pay with Paypal too. The order arrived the following day - excellent quality and service.

Pros: I thought these were paper when I first looked at the labels I received. This is not the case though; they are in fact made out of plastic as stated in the sales description. I know as I damaged one trying to separate it from the peel off backing, so I tried ripping it to see if it was paper. It was impossible as it was too tough. They just stretch slightly and go all shiny as you would expect when you try to rip plastic apart. The printing of the labels was well executed. The text was clear and easy to read. The text was evenly spaced on the label, and my requested message was laid out in the most aesthetically pleasing way possible. It was exactly how I would have typed it myself, so it was exactly as I wanted it. The labels adhere well, as do the clear gloss protective covers. The free Uni-Isopropyl wipe which was supplied worked well in cleaning up the surfaces on which the labels were to be placed, and greatly aided adhesion. Cons: The labels are a little tricky to peel off the backing. It takes perseverance. I contacted the trader to ask if there is a technique to getting the labels off the backing. He advised to "keep rubbing your thumb on any edge of the label, after a short time you should notice it start to lift". We tried this, but it didn't work for us. In the end my husband extracted one from the backing using a Stanley knife blade. He found using a blade on the edge of the label lifted the label away from the backing easily and quickly. Despite the fact the labels are a bit tricky to peel off the backing, I would still highly recommend this product, and would say overall the labels represent good value for money and do the job they were intended for well.

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Toners Express… Provides Quality Environmentally Friendly Remanufactured Toner Cartridges!

The UK-based Toners Express, a one stop online shop for all printing needs and printer labels, has today announced its newly upgraded website to include new checking out facilities and product reviews. The site,, helps businesses, and government agencies reduce their printing costs.

“We are always seeking out the best and most convenient ways for our clients to do business with us, and therefore we are happy to announce the inclusion of Goggle Checkout and PayPal payment options,” said Andrew Warren, head of the eight-year-old  Electrospares, parent company of

Besides, the site offers customers the opportunity to do their own product reviews in a healthy competitive environment.

Whether the visitor is looking to access cheaper toner cartridges, offers a wide selection of remanufactured toner and printer cartridges, which people often ask whether they are safe to use. According to the company’s spokesperson, “many people often confuse ‘remanufacture’ with ‘recycling’ and in reality the terms are as different as chalk and cheese.”

He explained that recycling is sending an end-of-life product to be changed by mechanical or other means into either another product or the base material to create another product. With Remanufacturing, on the other hand, is simply taking a fully used original product such as a toner value pack set of printer cartridges and subjecting them to a manufacturing process which will enable them to be re-used for their original purpose with no loss to quality or yield.

“Any cheap ink toner cartridge purchased from a member of UKCRA will have been subject to such a quality manufacturing process and will be fully guaranteed so why buy remanufactured printer cartridges?” said Andrew.

Benefits that the remanufactured toner cartridges offer include:

•      Cost effectiveness – Original Remanufactured cheap ink toner cartridges are between 30% - 70% cheaper.

•      Sustained Quality – Lower cost does not mean lower quality.

•      Environmentally friendly – A remanufactured cheap ink toner printer cartridge helps you to protect the environment.


If you need further information about and the products it offers, please visit its website at

Electrospares Branding