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Big savings on ink cartridges toners and a4 printer labels, 100% money back guarantee

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Pros: I thought these were paper when I first looked at the labels I received. This is not the case though; they are in fact made out of plastic as stated in the sales description. I know as I damaged one trying to separate it from the peel off backing, so I tried ripping it to see if it was paper. It was impossible as it was too tough. They just stretch slightly and go all shiny as you would expect when you try to rip plastic apart. The printing of the labels was well executed. The text was clear and easy to read. The text was evenly spaced on the label, and my requested message was laid out in the most aesthetically pleasing way possible. It was exactly how I would have typed it myself, so it was exactly as I wanted it. The labels adhere well, as do the clear gloss protective covers. The free Uni-Isopropyl wipe which was supplied worked well in cleaning up the surfaces on which the labels were to be placed, and greatly aided adhesion. Cons: The labels are a little tricky to peel off the backing. It takes perseverance. I contacted the trader to ask if there is a technique to getting the labels off the backing. He advised to "keep rubbing your thumb on any edge of the label, after a short time you should notice it start to lift". We tried this, but it didn't work for us. In the end my husband extracted one from the backing using a Stanley knife blade. He found using a blade on the edge of the label lifted the label away from the backing easily and quickly. Despite the fact the labels are a bit tricky to peel off the backing, I would still highly recommend this product, and would say overall the labels represent good value for money and do the job they were intended for well.

Excellent price, super-quick delivery and superb quality. Need I say more?

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Tonersexpress Brand of Cheap Toners and Labels.

Tonersexpress Brand of Cheap Toners and Labels.

Tonersexpress Brand of Cheap Toners and Labels.


 If you are like the multitude of businesses out there that are writing reports, creating presentations, printing quality photos and utilizing an endless list of print materials, then you probably have a budget specific to your printing needs.  Ink toners and ink cartridges are essential to the successful business but, as many know, these items can be quite costly and sometimes even hard to find. 

 In a world of endless dot com companies, the perfect go to supplier for product needs is sometimes hard to choose.  When it comes to ink toners and ink cartridges the task can be even greater.  The average business out there chooses to equip themselves with expensive printers in order to meet the high quality demand of their printing needs.  These expensive printers yield expensive ink toner and cartridge costs that can come in at a hefty price, which can sometimes affect overall company profits. 

 One solution to this problem is the purchase of cheap toners or remanufactured ink cartridges. provides a vast array of cheap toner cartridges, remanufactured ink cartridges, toner value packs as well as laser labels, ribbons and photo paper.  Its supplier list is highly visible with names like Canon, Lexmark, Epson, Xerox, and Hewlett Packard, and the company utilizes the highly established Green-Tech International.  Green Tech is an ink jet and laser cartridge recycler providing a safe and cleaner environment. 

 Prices at are quite attractive and the ink cartridge and ink toner inventory extensive.  Since the purchasing of needed toners and ink can affect a company’s profit margin, the ability to buy quality products at a bulk level, rather than retail, is essential. 

 The company’s vast inventory of everything from ink cartridges, cheap toners, laser labels, ribbons and photo paper make purchasing of your printing needs easy and affordable.  The highly discounted remanufactured ink cartridges and cheap toners offer the buyer a very reputable product at an extremely affordable price. 

 The use of online product suppliers and your endless dot com companies, makes comparison shopping quick and easy for the average business and provides the buyer the tools required to create quality print materials at a very economical and affordable price. 

 When comparison shopping around for all your remanufactured ink cartridge and toner needs look for the competitive suppliers who can offer you cheap toners and quality remanufactured ink cartridges at the most affordable prices with even more affordable shipping costs – look to for all your ink toner and cartridge needs.


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