Paypal Postage Shipping Label

How and Why You Should Consider Using The PayPal Postage-Shipping Label For Your Packages, Parcels, and post.

 Do you know how easy it is to print the PayPal-eBay shipping-postage label? Really, you get the whole works – postage, addresses, names, insurance, tracking numbers, Delivery and Signature Confirmation… everything!

5 Steps To Help You Print Out and Use Your PayPal Shipping Label

1 – Search for any eBay sales in the “My eBay” section or look for PayPal receipts in PayPal. Once located, click the link “print shipping label” on the business deal to begin the process.

2 – Type the particulars in (parcel’s weight) and choose the mailing service you’d like to use. The set-up will automatically include your name and return address, the recipient’s name and address and determine the postage for the various mail classes.

3 – Click on the “pay and continue” and your printer will start printing out the label and your PayPal account will be debited for the postage, usually less than what a Post Office would charge you.

4 – Peel/cut the label out and put it on your envelope or package.

5 – Take the package/envelope to the Post Office and drop it off.

You might be wondering if this is even possible to do with your ordinary printer paper. And, yes it is! Even if the label becomes ruined, you can reprint it over and over (but only use it on one package).  If you choose not to send anything or your printer becomes jammed or quits working, you do have the option to cancel the payment for PayPal postage.

What Is So Good About The Postage-Shipping Label

1 – There is no required registration with eBay, PayPal or the post office.

2 – You can have an ordinary eBay and PayPal account to use the service.

3 – You can use either a PC or Mac system.

4 – You can use any browser of your choice.

5 – You don’t have to download anything. It’s already available for you to use. All you have to do is login into your PayPal and eBay accounts to print out the label.

6 – You don’t have to purchase any special equipment. Rather, you just need a cheap weight scale, printer and some A4 printer label paper. Bear in mind with the regular printer paper, you’ll have to cut the shipping-postage label out and tape or glue it to the package.

7 – You can create as many labels you need or want, anytime of the year.

8 – There are no PayPal, eBay or post office fees. It’s free for you to use. All you have to pay is for the postage you print out. And, for less money than what the post office typically charges you. The post office gets paid using your PayPal account.

9 – You’ll get discounts on the various mail classes – First Class, Express and Priority. You’ll even get Delivery Confirmation for 19 cents online for packages and parcels and is free for Internet priority mail.

Convenience of On-line Postage-Shipping Printing

1 - There’s no waiting in lines anymore at the post office. All you have to do is print the labels and stick onto your package.

2 – Printed labels can include Delivery and Signature Confirmation and insurance and be any mail class:

- First class parcel mail (not first class flat mail or first class letter)

- Parcel post

- Media mail

- 3 kinds of express mail

- 9 kinds of priority mail (flat and regular rate)

3 – There are no printing addresses and names by hand, as the label will already have the information to be printed. Names and addresses can be edited if necessary.

4 – The postage is already calculated for every service. There is no reason to search the rate charge or read up on postage standards. You don’t have to search for postal zones or zip codes. The computer does it all for you. All you must do is type in the information it requires (insurance, weight and mail type).

This also allows you to compare the prices of the different mail classes. If you like what you see and have made your choice, click on the “pay and continue”. Once done, you’ll get an in-depth receipt, your label will produced and your PayPal account will be debited.

5 – Even if you lose the shipping receipt or insurance delivery number, you still have it. All you have to do is get a copy from the transaction details on the PayPal receipt or post office charge.

6 - If you’re worried about delivery, you can check on it by going to the PayPal transaction and looking under the “Check Shipment” link.

7 – Thanks to the easy record keeping, claiming income taxes is a little easier. After all, they can be found in your PayPal records for good. You don’t have to worry with saving the cash slips, which can easily become lost.

8 – If you want to, you can hide how much the postage was. The post office can read the amount by scanning the bar codes.

9 – You can deliver the packages at any Post Office mailbox, regardless of the weight, so long as it fits.

Once again, the best thing about this all… you don’t have to wait in line to ship your package!

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